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You do not have to read this

Tiny details that I either forgot or were not important enough to mention:

  • The staff moved an exercise bike (and a comfy chair for my mum) into whichever room I was in at the time. I used said bike every morning after breakfast.

  • The handmade quilt I mentioned previously was with me every single time.

  • I also had a cuddly toy named Donkey. (I know I'm 22 but he's my Donkey dammit!)

  • My dad bought me an electric toothbrush.

  • He also bought me a baby toothbrush that was extra soft during my mucositis as brushing my teeth was a painful affair.

  • I had pills three times a day, I'm still not sure what some of them were for.

  • About a week or so into each treatment I received antibiotics and Caspofungin to prevent illnesses.

  • I was on a fluid chart the entire time, which meant that not only did I have to write down everything I drank but I also had to pee in a bedpan that was placed inside my toilet.

  • I have never seen my extended family so often.

  • After nattering on about how much I love Six of Crows I convinced a nurse to read it after which she thanked me for recommending it.

  • I drew a Harry Potter themed picture as a Christmas present for my favourite nurse she gave me an origami crane in return.

  • I received a gigantic card from everyone at my work.

  • I finished the story So Close, which you can find in Original Fiction, whilst going through chemo.

  • I also finished the rest of the Donatus short stories that I'd promised to the kids I work with. (Also in original fiction)

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