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Top 7 Video Games

Here is a list of my Top 7 videogames!
I do not play a lot of games therefore there isn't enough to make a top ten list. This list is not ranked. Some of these games are very old and are difficult to find, but if you really want to play them these are my recommendations.

No 1 - Beyond Good and Evil (2003)

Discover the planet of Hillys as Jade, a photo journalist that also runs an shelter for the orphans of a war that has been raging for years on her planet. Under attack from the invading Domz, Jade must tackle the monsters they send down to the planet and protect the children from danger. But something sinister is happening right under the noses of the population. Jade joins a rebel group to investigate the goings on of the Alpha sections, soldiers that protect everyone from the Domz, at least that's what they claim to be.

Yes this game is old by the industry's standards but that doesn't mean it's not great. Though the graphics are clearly from another time they hold up really well, as does the gameplay. The characters are colourful and interesting. The photography function is really fun to use, and unlike a lot of games today it focuses on stealth. I 100% recommend this game and even though this is not a ranked list, it is most definitely my favourite.  


No 2 - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017)

Join Link as he journeys across the kingdom of  Hyrule to save civilisations from destruction and to defeat the malicious force that is Ganon; an evil creature that has taken over Hyrule castle, trapping  princess Zelda inside. It is Link's duty to save the princess and rescue Hyrule from the darkness infecting the land.


The Zelda games are a famous series. They are formulaic but that doesn't make them bad. However this game decided to throw the usual Zelda formula out the window. Breath of the Wild is a huge open world. I mean seriously huge. Whilst playing the game you can choose to follow the storyline or you can simply wander off and explore. There are plenty of people who still haven't completed the game and have just gone running around the countryside setting fire to things. 

No 3 - Bioshock series (2007, 2010, 2013)


Taking place during the 1960s, play as Jack as he discovers the underwater city of Rapture. When he arrives however, the city is falling apart and full of crazed enemies known as Splicers. Jack is immediately contacted by Atlas who asks him to help rescue his wife and child in return for helping Jack escape. Slowly you work your way through Rapture gathering weapons, super human powers, and learning the story behind the fall of Rapture. 


I love this game. It's dark and morally complex, giving the player the freedom to choose how to approach combat and if they would rather choose power over compassion. The story is full of twists that you can't predict, and even though it is a first person shooter you are not constantly battling to the point where everything feels the same.

Bioshock 2

Big Daddies are characters from the first game. They are huge, lumbering guardians to the Little Sisters who allow you to gain superhuman powers known as plasmids. This time you are the Big Daddy. The first of their kind, known as Delta. Discovering that he has been severed from his Little Sister, Delta must traverse the failing city if Rapture to reestablish his bond with his Little Sister or else risk falling into a coma without her. 

This game is okay. It's not the best and it is only included here because I love the Bioshock series as a whole. The details don't stick in my memory that much, but nevertheless it is entertaining and not a bad game at all.


Bioshock Infinite 

From  the deep sea to life in the sky you play as Booker DeWitt, a private detective tasked with recovering Elizabeth, a young woman being held in the floating city of Columbia. Booker and Elizabeth face enemies on every side as they try to escape the soldiers of Columbia who firmly believe Booker to be the evil 'False Shepard' come to steal away their savior. 

While this is a departure from the previous two games it still feels distinctly like Bioshock. While there is plenty of combat it doesn't take over the story and the fictional world is incredibly immersive. You do not have to play the previous Bioshock games to play this one. While it does reference them you do not have to know the story in order to understand Bioshock Infinite. The story is riveting, filled with imaginative science fiction that pushes the boundaries of physics. 

No 4 - Undertale (2015)

Many years ago there was a great war between humans and the race of monsters. The humans banished the monsters underground and trapped them there with a magical barrier. You play as a child that falls into the underground and make your way through so that you may return to the surface. Meet the variety of funny and interesting characters as you journey through the underground. Learn about the history of the monster race and discover just how far they will go to reach freedom. 


Undertale is entirely focused on the story. Don't let the 8-bit graphics put you off, it's a wonderful tale about morality that you can play three different ways; the pacifist route, neutral route, or genocide route, each with a different ending. Not only that but the game remembers that you've played it. If you complete the game then try to play again from the beginning the game is aware that you've already played it. There are too many interesting facts about Undertale to write them all down, if you want more (and believe me it is incredibly interesting) you'll have to look it up for yourself. 

No 5 - Animal Crossing: New Horizons (2020)

Enjoy your new life as you move to a deserted island and begin to build your own little village. Go fishing, catch bugs, dig up fossils, and grow fruit as you live the island life.

This game is brand new! Like Breath of the Wild (if you go exploring) this is a nice calm game. The most action there is is when you get chased by wasps (there is no way to avoid this, if you shake a tree sometimes they just fall out) Gather materials, create items, and bring in villagers as you build up your island. It's a nice way to unwind at the end of the day.

No 6 - Okami (2007)

Play as Okami Amatarasu, the sun god, in the form of a white wolf as you travel across Nippon eradicating the darkness that has taken hold of the land. After one hundred years of peace a great evil has been unleashed and returns to wreak havoc to plunge the world into darkness. Amatarasu, weak after a one hundred year slumber, must regain her strength and powers if she is to free the people that will help her on her journey.


Okami is considered a cult classic. The art style is amazing and resembles Japanese watercolour art. The game also uses drawing as an important part of gameplay. The player must draw symbols to summon wind, create bombs, repair damage, and much more. Plus Amatarasu's personality is just dog. She may be the sun god but she is a dog. There's even a button specifically for barking, it is so much fun. 

No 7 - Dog's Life (2003)

When Jake witnesses the dognapping of Daisy, an American Foxhound he harbors a secret love for and he is determined to save her. Travelling across the country from mountain resorts to the big city he discovers where and why all these dogs are being taken.

This is a really dumb game but my god was it fun. It has been years and years since I've played it because it came out on the Playstation 2. Throughout the journey you get to possess the other dogs you come across, a gameplay mechanic you must make use of to complete the numerous side quests. Collects smells, race other dogs, play tug-o-war, and play a minigame in which Jake must mark his territory quicker than the local dog. Even the plot is kind of silly but a story doesn't have to be deep to be enjoyable. If you decide to play this (somehow) be aware that the graphics of 2003 do not hold up well, but if you can get past that then just have fun. 

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